This Month's Menu at the Clarke Dining Room

January 2018

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
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  *Marinated Chicken *Beef/Cabbage Casser. *Baked Pork Chop *Fish
  *Mashed Potato/Gravy *Peas *Broccoli *Roasted Medit.Blend
Closed  *Orange Wedges *Fruit Cocktail *Fruited Jello *Peaches
New Year's Ham & Beans Chicken Tenders Beef Stew Chicken Pot Pie
  Cabbage & Carrots Brussels Sprouts AuGratin Potatoes Corn Flaky Potatoes
  Cake Fresh Baked Cookies Fruit Crumble No Bake Cookies
8 9 10 11 12
*Hamburger/grilled onion *Roast Beef *Easy Roast Chicken *Meatloaf *Easy Parm.Crust Chicken
*Green Beans *Mashed Potato/Gravy *Broccoli *Mashed Potato/Gravy *Baked Sweet Potato
*Peaches *Fruit Cocktail *Fruited Jello *Pears *Brown Betty Apples
Honey Bourbon Pork Chop Breaded Fish Chopped BBQ Beef/Bun Chicken Broccoli Casserole Tuna Noodle Casserole
Sweet Potato Fries Carrots Red Roasted Potatoes Roasted Vegetables Brussels Sprouts
Pineapple up/dn Cake Cool Mint Crumble Bars Fresh Baked Cookies Fruit Crisp Brownies
15 16 17 18 19
*Stuffed GreenPeppers *Roasted Pork *Ham & Beans *BBQ Chicken Thigh *Fish
*California Blend *Baked Potato *Spinach *Peas *Mixed Vegetable
*Rosy Applesauce *Baked Apple *Sliced Cinnamon Pears *Fruited Jello *Fruit Compote
Chicken Chili Meatballs    Hot Ham&Cheese Sand. Chicken Fried Steak
Corn Italian Green Beans Tossed Salad Tater Tots Mashed Potato/Gravy
Cheesy Potatoes   Cornbread   Cole Slaw
Raspberry Oatmeal Bars Fruit Cobbler Fresh Baked Cookies Spice Cake Pumpkin Fast & Fancy
22 23 24 25 26
*Sliced Ham *Swedish Meatballs *Baked Chicken *Pepper Steak *Tuna/Salmon Patty
*Roasted Red Potatoes over Egg Noodles *Lima Beans *Peas & Carrots *Green Beans
*Cinnamon Applesauce *California Blend *Pineapple *Fruited Jello *Warm Pears
Chicken Parmesan *Strawberry/Banana Fried Chicken Polish Sausage Macaroni & Cheese
with Spaghetti Chicken Enchiladas Scalloped Potatoes Sauerkraut Tossed Salad
Tuscan Blend Spinach   Mashed Potatoes  
Berry Bars Pumpkin Spice Blondie's Pie Cheesecake Pudding
29 30 31    
*Honey Lemon Chicken *Turkey *Salisbury Steak    
*Oriental Blend *Mashed Potato/Gravy *Zucchini & Tomatoes    
*Peaches *Mixed Fruit *Fruited Jello    
Toasted Ravioli Goulash Liver & Onions    
Tossed Salad Green Beans Mashed Potatoes/Gravy    
Chocolate Cake Pumpkin Bars Bread Pudding    

On Wednesday, stick around after lunch for