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Public Housing in Jefferson City



The Housing Authority operates 318 units of Public Housing in Jefferson City including one, two, three and four bedroom apartments and several houses.  Rent is based on thirty percent of the tenant's income. The apartments come with stoves and  refrigerators and have hook ups for tenant provided washers and dryers. The furnaces and hot water heaters are gas, except the single family houses on Dulle and Buena Vista Streets have boilers for heat.  Tenants in  buildings without central air conditioning may install, at their own expense,  window air conditioners.  Qualifying pets are allowed if the tenant pays a pet deposit. There are several playgrounds close to the apartments.

One bedroom units have 588 sqf.
2 Bedroom units have 834 sqf.
3 bedrooms have 1290 sqf.

Buena Vista, Dulle and Elizabeth Streets are in the South Elementary School  District and are in the Thomas Jefferson Middle School District and Capital City High School. The units on East Elm, Locust, Chestnut and Linn Streets are in the Moreau Heights School District and The Lewis and Clarke Middle School District and Jefferson City High school.  A school bus transports children to the  elementary schools. Public Housing is close to the City bus line and serviced by Handi-Wheels.

To apply for Public Housing, print the Housing Application.

All Housing Authority Properties are Smoke Free!

For more information, call the Property manager, Tamara
573-635-6163 ext. 211 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Tenants with concerns can file a complaint at

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