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Being a Section 8 Landlord could be great for you.  Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • can increase the number of renters who can afford a property. Although the contract is between landlord and renter, the Section 8 Voucher pays a portion of the rent.
  • Periodic inspections by our trained inspectors help the landlord ensure that the rental unit is safe and meets HUD housing standards.
  • Landlords are encouraged to screen applicants with the same background investigation they would use on any other tenant.
  • Inclusion in the program does not prohibit a landlord from renting to a tenant who does not use vouchers for assistance.

If you are interested in becoming a participating landlord, call Section 8 Coordinator Rhonda Watts at 573-635-6163 or email for more information.

If your tenant has not paid their rent in full, they may be eligible for assistance from the state.  Payment of past due rent is made directly to the landlord.  Landlords and tenants must work together to submit an application.  You may want to contact the tenant with past due rent and work with them to fill out the application.  See State Assistance for Housing Relief | Program Overview | MO Housing Resources for information and application.